1. Fluxx Company Profile

This gives you a brief overview of our values, methodology and training/coaching concepts.

2. Areas of expertise & management training

This gives you an overview of the core topics we are confident in designing and delivering for you. On top of that you find our current Management Training concept as an example of the direction we are generally taking here.

3. Current Personio sales academy training

Here we give you access to our internal document in which we built the current Personio learners journey. It shows the structure, an overview of the specific content and some information about the methodology used in the training.

4. Current learning media

In the following we curated four selected videos along the current Personio learners journey in order to give you an insight into the look and feel of the training media as well as the contents we deliver there.

Video 1 – Intro

Video 2 – Prospecting


Video 3 – Funnel & Solution Sales


Video 4 – First contact